In den Tiefen der Gründe [In the Abysses of Reasons]

Der Alb I

Der Alb II

Dreams, contemporary photography, contemporary art,

Der Alb III



A stream of images, thoughts and emotions affects us every night anew. It leaves us in a confused, anxious, ashamed, excited or yearning condition, most of the times deeply moved. The disconnected and absurd things appearing in our memory are raising our suspicion, that our self-perception as a modern, thinking and self-controlled being is actually a pure delusion, whereas in truth we are spending a third of our life time in a form of madness.

With carefully placed references to well-known works of art history I use a pictorial world as a key for the discovery of the emotional constitution and fragility of modern humans. The visible is expanded to include the realm of the imagination, and movement becomes an expression of emotion itself. I let the viewer look at a nebulous border world between reality and fiction, in which not everything is fixed yet and which can be a place of escape as well as a mirror of reality.