Über das Begehren [On Desire]

Infrathin (Tableau)



Danse Macabre

Allegorie der Liebe

Omnia vincit Amor

Individual works

Voicy ton maître



In my series „Über das Begehren“ I address the nonvisible: that which adheres to it as shadow, as impression, as residual warmth, e.g. memories, projections, relationships, especially feelings. All works refer to things that are past, to things that were never there, to things that are imagined, to things that are missed or longed for, to death, to stagnation, or to loss. Their iconography recalls the vanitas still life of the Baroque period as much as Roman and Greek mythology, or as allegories and medieval love-magic.

The language of my works often has sexual undertones, with numerous personal references and self-reflective allusions mixed in. With all the stylistic, motif-filled, and iconographic references to history, numerous references to the present are contained. In this way the symbol-laden, deeply melancholic content of my allegories of desire are conveyed timelessly and universally.